Saturday, April 9, 2022

Fortnite - TNTINA!

Fortnite Victory Royale Series - 6" Series Deluxe - TNTina & Glider - Hasbro 2022

Okay. As much as I've been really enjoying the various Fortnite toys coming out over the past few years, there seems to be a trend that might turn me off the property. Moreso than any other property I can think of, the Fortnite females seem to consistently come in large, expensive deluxe sets. It's not that these sets are a ripoff or that you aren't getting your money's worth, but currently it will set you back roughly 40 bucks to get a 6" female figure from Fortnite. It adds up real fast. In the recent case of Siona and Deo, I didn't mind at all since you were getting two connected characters that look cool together. But to get this TNTina figure, you are essentially forced to buy a $20 glider (that doesn't even fit on any of my shelves). The occasional deluxe figure is great, but lately it's been every one. And as someone who isn't really into vehicles or industrial-looking accessories, I find this trend to be rather off-putting. That said TNTina looks awesome and has a hilariously awesome name. Let's check her out below!

TNTina comes with a small backpack, and a large glider contraption, complete with a parachute dome and a flight stand.

The backpack is a pretty strange accessory. 
It's shaped like a giant holster and has a grenade sculpted on it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my 6" Fortnite Victory Series ladies so far: Skye, Lynx, TNTina, Siona, and Jules.


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