Monday, April 11, 2022

Halo 12" - SPARTAN VALE!

Halo: 12" Action Figures Wave 2 - Spartan Vale with SMG - Jazwares 2020

I randomly walked into a FiveBelow on a snowy day last month and was elated to discover this 12" Spartan Vale figure. My first thought was that this was my long sought-after 2017 Mattel Vale that took me three years to track down (and begging some favors from international friends). But, no, this was a brand new Jazwares version that had gone completely under my radar. In my local Walmarts and Targets, Series 01 was still warming the shelves and despite my obsessive perusal of toy news sites, I had no idea there would be a Series 02. The interesting thing is that about four weeks after my discovery, this wave started hitting Walmarts full force in my area. But nothing beats walking into an unassuming store and finding a toy you love, but didn't know existed. That is a rare gift in this hobby. These 12" toys are a ton of fun. And surprisingly the smaller companies like Spin Master and Jazwares produce much better ones than the big guys like Hasbro. Let's check out Spartan Vale below!

Spartan Vale is very well articulated for her price point. She has a ball-jointed head, swivel wrists, and hinge-and-swivel elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips. The only articulation I could say she is "missing" would be ankles and waist.

Spartan Vales comes with a single SMG (Submachine Gun).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Spartan Vale figures together: Mattel 6", Jazwares 12", and Mattel 12".

And with just the Mattel 12".

And the three 12" Jazwares ladies together: Palmer, Vale, and Tanaka.

And all the female Halo 12" figures so far: Jazwares Tanaka, Jazwares Vale, Mattel Cortana, Mattel Vale, and Jazwares Palmer.


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  1. I've been looking into getting more Vale figures, and didn't even know this existed, until today. Great review, thanks.