Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Batman Classic TV Series - CATWOMAN Bust!

Batman Classic TV Series - Eartha Kitt Catwoman Mini-Bust - DST 2017

The curious case of the missing review. I bought this Eartha Kitt Catwoman Bust when she was released five years ago. I photographed her and have distinct memories of editing the photos. I even found three 'unused' photos still on my camera, proving these memories. But when I created the post for the new McFarlane figure earlier this week, I discovered that I apparently never actually created a review. And a quick glance at eBay let me know that she sells for a ton of money now and therefore turnaround pics are a good thing to have on record (since she would be a significant investment for a collector). It looks like a similar situation happened with the Julie Newmar bust, but Eartha seemed more urgent since the McFarlane figure has me so excited. These Diamond Select busts aren't the greatest thing ever. The likenesses are there, but somehow a little off. But I love collecting mini-busts, especially Catwoman ones, and my collection would be incomplete without these. Let's check her out below!

(Packaged pics swiped from eBay. Mine was recycled five years ago.)

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Eartha figures together. From Left to Right: DST Bust, Hallmark ornament, BifBangPow Pin-Mate, McFarlane, and HeroClix.

And here she is with the Julie Newmar Catwoman bust. They share the same body sculpt.

And here they are with the Yvonne Craig Batgirl bust from 2016.


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