Thursday, May 5, 2022

Hallmark - EARTHA KITT CATWOMAN Ornament!

Batman Classic TV Series - Eartha Kitt Catwoman LE Ornament - Hallmark 2021

I had a really frustrating couple days this past Fall trying to get the new Eartha Kitt Catwoman ornament. From the moment she was announced the April before, I put the release date (October 16th 2021) on my calendar and blocked my morning to go pick her up. Back in 2016 I casually walked into a Hallmark one afternoon during lunch and picked up the Julie Newmar (I didn't even know she was coming!) Then in 2019 I took note of the Batgirl ornament release date and went in the morning to pick her up - no issues. But something happened in 2021. I showed up to one of the bigger Hallmark stores in my area right around opening time, only to find out they had opened an hour early (completely undocumented online) and there was apparently a line of 25 people waiting for the doors to open. In the next hour I check three more stores and got the same story. I gave up and paid scalper prices on eBay and called it a day. Luckily this is likely the last lady in the series. Let's check her out below!

Photography note: When photographing ornaments, I use a thick craft wire to control the hanging position. If I feel the wire looks too distracting in any particular shot, I will photoshop it out (and sometimes the metal loop as well). I typically leave the closeup photos untouched so you can reference the hanging hardware there.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Eartha with the Julie Newmar ornament from 2016.

And here are all three Hallmark Batman '66 ladies so far: Julie Newmar Catwoman, Yvonne Craig Batgirl, and Eartha Kitt Catwoman.

Here are all my Eartha figures together. From Left to Right: DST Bust, Hallmark ornament, BifBangPow Pin-Mate, McFarlane, and HeroClix.


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