Friday, May 13, 2022

Marvel Toybox - CAPTAIN CARTER!

Toybox - Marvel Deluxe Box - Captain Carter & Hydra Stomper - Disney 2021

Spoiler Warning. I know this is broad, but if you don't want anything about anything nerdy spoiled right now, just skip ahead to the pictures. I say that because if I mention what the spoilers are about, that is the spoiler. (I'll get to the actual spoilage in a few minutes). The Disney Toybox line continues to impress. Each figure seems to be an improvement over the last both in aesthetic and construction. I got this Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper two-pack back in October when I was all packed-up for a November move. By the time I was all settled in my new home and began taking photos again in January, she was the oldest of my new toys and kept getting pushed to the backburner. But then yesterday I got the new Gamora figure and was inspired to finally dig her out of the back of my closet. She is amazing. I love it when a long-standing civilian character gets powered-up and takes center stage like Spider-Gwen, Pepper Potts Rescue, Jane Foster Thor, and now Captain Carter. It's a trope that I can get behind.

Spoilers: I saw Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness last night and it was predictably chock full of cameos. I was most excited about seeing Clea in the credits screen (hinting about a Secret Wars storyline). But the Illuminati dimension was probably the most epic. I was legitimately surprised to see Maria Rambeau as Captain Marvel (I wonder if that might be a plot point in the upcoming Marvels movie). And I was happy, but not in any way surprised, to see a live action Captain Carter. The reason I wasn't surprised is because of her merchandising. Sure, the single episode of What If? that she appeared in was great (plus the team episode at the end of the season). But the two Marvel Legends figures, this Toybox, four Funko Pops, a Funko Soda, a Mystery Mini, Figpin, two Cosbabies, Lego, at least two HeroClix, and an Iron Studios Statue is a lot of merchandise for a character that debuted exactly 8 months and 2 days ago. Seriously, 17 products in 8 months! And that might not even be all. Plus her solo comic book sold out immediately at my local shops. I don't know how much of this is organic fan demand, or Disney/Marvel pushing the character, but I fully expected to see Hayley Atwell suited up on the big screen, and she didn't disappoint. But note, it was a different dimension with no direct connection to 616, so it was essentially a live-action What If? episode.

This is the first Toybox purchase I've made that doesn't have a product number on the box. 
The Scarlet Witch and Vision 2-Pack was #29, so I can assume this would be somewhere in the 30s.

Peggy comes with her signature shield emblazoned with the UK flag.

The back of her shield has both a C-Shaped grip for holding as well as a post for mounting on her back.

The other part of the Deluxe Box set is of course Steve Rogers in the Hydra Stomper. The Stomper has a chest light and light-piped eyes that glow blue when the chest button is pressed. He also makes launching sounds. He has hinge-and-swivel shoulders, hips and knees; Swivel waist; Hinged elbows; And no neck articulation. His wrists and ankles are a mystery. I can see a hinge-and-swivel joint on each, but the wrists seem to only swivel and the feet won't budge at all. He's made of the hard rigid plastic like Transformers, not the rubbery plastic that you can easily heat up and manipulate.

An unexpected surprise was an actual sculpted Steve Rogers torso that pops up when the Stomper hatch is opened. It's hard to see in the photos but he has fully sculpted arms and hands holding controls.

The Hydra Stomper has a removable "jet pack" piece that 
has foot pegs and a hand grip for Captain Carter to ride along into battle.
I found that the whole backpack piece wants to pop off super easily making these poses precarious.

The dynamic pose on the packaging is wishful thinking.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Marvel Ladies together: Wasp, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Gamora, Captain Carter, Spider-Gwen, and Scarlet Witch. I also have a blonde variant of Black Widow from the Infinity War box set, but I chose not to include her.


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