Tuesday, May 10, 2022

MOTU Revelation - TEELA (v2)!

Masterverse Series 4 - Masters of the Universe Revelation - Teela - Mattel 2022

The development of Teela's storyline in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series was nothing short of epic. For the majority of the show, she was a disillusioned marauder roaming the Eternian countryside with Andra and harassing random baddies like Stinkor. This marauder version was quite scandalous in the fanboy community (how dare she have covered legs and a militant haircut?!), but I loved it. That said, I was still very appreciative of the classic Teela look we got in the beginning of the story and flashbacks. But considering they released a toy of the marauder look first, I'm shocked they backtracked and gave us this classic version. She is a great figure and I really love seeing the details of the modernized outfit (it flashes by pretty quickly in the show). If you haven't seen the Revelation yet, she has a third major transformation that is awesome and better get a toy as well. (Also, a Revelation Sorceress in her classic orange plumage is definitely needed in this line). Let's check out Teela below!

It's not a trick of the lighting, I picked up two Teelas and both have a slightly miscolored left knee.
It has a pale greenish hue, where the rest of the skintone plastic has an orange tone.

My only sculptural complaint about this figure is that I wish her tiara'd head had bigger hair. In profile her head looks a little small and I wish you could see more of her hair behind the tiara from the frontal view.

Teela comes with two interchangeable heads, two sets of hands, a sword, and a shield.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two Teela heads side-by-side.

And here she is with Mercenary Teela figure from wave 2.

And with Andra and Evil-Lyn.


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