Monday, July 11, 2022

Marvel Legends - SIRYN!

Marvel Legends - X-Men: Bonebreaker BaF Series - Siryn - Hasbro 2022

Theresa Cassidy is one of those great characters that combines several of my favorite tropes. For starters, she is practically a direct gender-swapped clone of her father, Sean Cassidy, aka Banshee of the X-Men. Same powers, same costumes, same hair color. I love this kind of character genesis because after all the similarities are stripped away, you are left with a simple gender study of how women and men might approach situations differently - something I always find fascinating. Secondly, Siryn debuted as a villain (in the pages of Spider-Woman in 1981) but quickly turned to the good side. Since her early days, she has been an official member of several mutant teams, but my favorite was her run in X-Force beginning in 1991's X-Force #3 and remaining for years. Aside from a few Heroclix, an Eaglemoss figurine, and a Mini-Mate, she has been surprisingly devoid of any merchandise. So despite this specific costume choice and bafflingly non-screaming head, I adore her. Let's check out Siryn below!

Siryn's cape is tricky. I'm photographing it the way it comes directly out of the packaging. It is connected in her shoulder joints and wrist joints. By removing the hands, you can reposition and re-pose the ends of the cape, but I don't believe the arms are easily removable from the shoulders, so I think those portions of the cape are permanently anchored. I wish the cape was heavily printed on both sides. As is, the ventral side is the paler underside and doesn't look as good as the (darker) back dorsal side.

Siryn comes with two sets of hands.

Siryn also comes with one half of the tank portion of the Build-a-Figure Bonebreaker figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is my X-Force group all together. Warpath is wearing Thunderbird's head and I decided against including the Moonstar/Wolfsbane/Karma figures.

And here are the three X-Force Ladies (so far) together: Boom Boom, Siryn, and Domino.


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  1. Great character and figure. Can't wait to include in my collection as well.