Saturday, July 9, 2022

Titan Hero Heroes - THOR!

Marvel Titan Hero Series - Thor Love and Thunder - Mighty Thor - Hasbro 2022

I saw Thor: Love and Thunder tonight. I won't give any plot details, just a general impression. I wasn't a fan. I feel like it was trying really really hard to be funny and irreverent... every second. But it came off like a 2 hour tiktok video: thirsty, weird energy, and repetitive music. Plus I was shocked at how beloved characters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor himself were so oddly written (dare I say annoying?). But there was a lot I did like: The villain, the final climactic scene, and (luckily) everything with Jane Foster was great. I'm really curious to see where the Asgardian storylines will go next. But of course my favorite thing about most comic book movies is the toys they inspire. I saved my review of this Titan Hero Series Mighty Thor because I knew I would want to rant about the movie. That's especially funny since this was the first Love and Thunder product I found (back in April). It's a great addition to my 1:6 collection and finally Valkyrie has a fellow Asgardian on the shelf. Let's check out Thor below!

Jane's helmet is a separate piece of plastic but permanently adhered to the head. Every version I have seen in the store seemed slightly off-center when lining up with her eyes.

Mighty Thor comes with Mj√∂lnir, complete with fracture lines from the last movie.

So coincidentally, a week after I bought this figure I was at ZoloCon. And when buying a few things from the Four Horsemen table, I noticed they had a selection of freebies. There were two boxes: one with some differently-colored tackle pieces for Mythic Legions Horses, and another full of red Mythic Legions capes. I had just been wondering where I was going to get a red cape to finish this figure, and here was a perfect solution. I didn't permanently attach it yet, it's just pinched under her hair, but the splash of red really balances out the figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mighty Thor with her Marvel Legends and Basic Series figures.

Here are my Thors all together. From Left to Right: Funko Rock CandyEaglemossFunko Pop, Bootlego, Titan Hero Series, MCU Marvel LegendsMini-MatesComic Marvel LegendsMarvel Universe, and MCU Basic Series.


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