Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Star Wars: The Black Series 6" - Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4) - Hasbro 2022

A wonderful thing I discovered in the past few months was the Toys R' Us Experience pop-up in Macy's department stores. With the loss of the main TRU stores, as well as K-Mart (and a ton of individual Walgreens and GameStop locations), there have been a palpable void in my toy hunting grounds. But then this pop-up came into existence around the 2021 holiday season and gave back a tiny smidgen of what was lost. If you haven't been to one yet, it reminds me of the toy section at Kohls, but five times as large. Almost every time I stop in, I find something that's not in Target or Walmart. A recent find was this Yavin 4 Leia figure. I actually think this is the most attractive of all Leia's outfits. It's simple, regal, and iconic - plus I really like the necklace and belt. In A New Hope, she wears this at the Rebel stronghold on the moon Yavin 4 as she awards Luke and Han with medallions after they destroy the Death Star. It's kind of a cheesy ending to such a groundbreaking film, but I still love it. Let's check out Leia below!

When I first posted pics of this figure on Instagram, there were a lot of comments about the fitting of the dress in the chest area, I admit it looks oddly droopy and material-heavy. But actual garment was far from form-fitting and this represents it fairly accurately.

Leia comes with one medallion. I'm surprised she doesn't comes with two, since she presented them to both Luke and Han. But for all I know they have their own medallions packed with some of their figures. (NerdNote: I always wondered why Chewie never got medal.. he just stands there awkwardly and cries out.. perhaps in incredulity?)

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Black Series Leias together. From Left to Right: Boushh DisguiseGeneral OrganaHothEndor, Yavin 4, Ewok VillageBespin Escape40th Anniversary, and Jabba's Slave.


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