Thursday, July 21, 2022

World's Smallest - ARCEE!

World's Smallest: Transformers (Series 02) - Arcee - Super Impulse 2022

I'm becoming really obsessed with the current merchandizing trend of tiny action figures in tiny packaging. Lately there are a lot of options. The Mini Brands from Zuru Surprise have two general toy waves plus a Disney specific wave (that includes mini Marvel and Star Wars action figures). Super Impulse has the Micro Toy Box line with inexpensive figures from Power Rangers, He-Man, and Transformers (among others). Even the new Sgt Slaughter G.I.Joe Classified 6" figure comes with a miniature packaged version of himself. But the originators of this genre, and still the highest-quality on the market, are the World's Smallest Micro Figures from Super Impulse. These are the only ones that are intentionally removeable, articulated, and accessorized. I have 45 of them in my collection and I'm craving more. I never expected Arcee to be included in this line, but she and Teela are now my favorites. I'm hoping next for Scarlett and Baroness, but I'll take anyone. Let's check out Arcee below!

Super Impulse's World's Smallest line has multiple layers of packaging. Above you see the clear clamshell with the small packaged figure suspended in the center. Below you will see that mini-package freed from the clamshell.

The small cardback packaging is made of a dense sturdy plastic (similar to the cases used to hold a collection of baseball cards). On the cardback is a hinged door that lets you remove the figure and return it with ease. Below you see the contents of the package: the Arcee figure, a clear figure stand, a microscopic black gun, a plastic display tray to hold the figure in place in the cardback, and a the rear piece of her vehicle mode. Note: recent toys of Arcee have had this piece of kibble removable with the intent that she can use it as a figure stand (or a hoverboard perhaps?). The piece included here has footpegs so it can be used as an alternate to the clear stand.

From all angles except the front, Arcee has a pretty pronounced "surfer stance." 
Her legs are not articulated so there's nothing to be done about it.

Arcee is articulated at the shoulders and neck.

Her gun is super tiny. Considering the figure itself is only about 29mm tall, this tiny accessory looks like a stray crumb. If you drop it. you will never find it again.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is Arcee with the previous smallest Arcees in my collection: 
The new Jada Metalfig and the Kre-O figure from 2013.



  1. Knowing me, I'd risk blasting her with a hairdryer to bend her into a more upright position. Maybe even sever the front of her neck, then add filler (even just a few dots of dried superglue stacked on each other lol) to have her look up.

    1. I'm definitely planning on getting another Arcee when I see one and I'll try to bend her. I'll just be more willing to customize the duplicate.

  2. I did not know this existed. Thanks for having this. I saw it on eBay and wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam, and you popped up. As always great review.