Monday, August 29, 2022

Transformers the Movie - ARCEE!

Transformers Studio Series #86 - Transformers the Movie Arcee - Hasbro 2022

When I first saw this figure solicited earlier this year, I thought it was a simple redeco of the 2014 Generations Arcee (that we had seen redeco'd/retooled seven times already). But in actuality, it's only the same head, upper arms, and car kibble, with an almost entirely retooled/resculpted body. The color scheme is also much closer to the animation design than we had seen released in the US before now (the 2015 Japanese TakaraTomy Legends release of the Generations mold was similarly colored, but not available at traditional retail in the US). Looking at the new figure from a front view, the waist swivel is an obvious addition. Plus her thighs and torso are noticeably more narrow. With all the changes made, I wish they would have gone one step further and given her a new head. It's so close to being a totally unique figure, but the recognizable headsculpt and familiar kibble silhouette make it hard to view her as more than a retool, despite the majority of her parts being new. Let's check out Arcee below!

The metal pins on her thighs are a little distracting. But considering the recent Earthrise figure has similar pins on both her wrists and shoulders, I guess this is an improvement.

I originally thought her forearms and hands were new for this figure, but I now realize that they are the previously retooled pieces used for later releases of this 2014 mold to enable different weapons to be held. 2015's Combiner Hunter Arcee and 2015's Nightbird Shadow are some figures that had these new forearms and hands.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the new Studio Series retooled Arcee (in the middle) with the original 2014 Generations Arcee (on the Left) and the 2016 Target Exclusive Platinum Edition (on the Right).

At first glance I thought this new figure was just a repaint, but she is actually heavily retooled with a new torso, pelvis, and legs. The only recycled parts seem to be the head, shoulders, biceps, previously-retooled forearms, and the majority of the car kibble on her back.

And let's not overlook the simple-yet-important design choice of giving Arcee white feet. I don't know why Hasbro always wants to make her feet pink or black. It's inaccurate and looks like she's wearing bedroom slippers. 

And here she is with the 2020 Earthrise figure. I thought these two might share legs, but again I was mistaken.


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