Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Transformers - CHROMIA (MOONRACER)!

Transformers Timelines - BotCon Descent Into Evil Set - Chromia - Hasbro 2005

Botcon 2005 seems like one of those Epic conventions that will go down in infamy for collectors like me. I was out of the Transformers loop at the time so it was months later when I learned that this convention had three exclusive female figures released, all three of which had never been made in plastic: Flare-up (Firestar), Chromia (Moonracer), and Flamewar. This figure is clearly Moonracer from the classic episode The Search for Alpha Trion, but for some reason she is labeled as Chromia (who is typically a light blue color with a differently-shaped head). The only "Moonracer" copyright I can think of is the winged lion from Rankin and Bass. But this light seafoam green fembot with a newly-sculpted head is clearly not Chromia. This figure was included in huge Descent Into Evil 7-pack exclusive to Botcon 2005. The other female figures released at the convention were more sneakily revealed, but Chromia/Moonstar was prominently announced. Let's check out Chromia/Moonracer below!

"Chromia" comes with an assortment of Energon Armor pieces in translucent blue. The piece at the top is the Energon Star which attaches to the Spark Crystal on each figure's chest. The remaining pieces form rocket thrusters for her motorcycle mode or can assemble into a large Energy Arrow. The opaque missile piece can be used in either formation.

Here is Chromia/Moonracer without the Energon Star attached to the cylindrical Spark Crystal on her chest. If you look down the tube, there is a concave metallic disk with the Autobot logo printed on it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Chromia/Moonracer with the 2018 Moonracer.

Here are all the Energon Arcee molds together. From Left to Right: Flareup, Flamewar, Paradron MedicAriel, Arcee, Chromia (Moonracer)Arcee (Movie), and Elita One (Movie)Note: I've picked up a lot of these loose on eBay over the years and I just realized that two of them have mis-matched Energon accessories, specifically the two on the far Right: Arcee (Movie) and Elita One.


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