Monday, December 26, 2022

Transformers Movie - ELITA-ONE!

Transformers Movie - Scout Class Elita-One - Target Exclusive - Hasbro 2007

I'm hard-pressed to think of a bigger tease than two female Transformers toys released with a huge merchandising wave preceding a movie release, only to have those characters be non-existent in the film. In 2007, there were Arcee and Elita-One figures released (both exclusive to Target) in the official movie line for the first Transformers (2007) live-action film. I was well aware ahead of time that these characters had no presence on IMDb and they weren't teased in any trailers or promotional photos, but my fingers were still crossed for a surprise cameo or post-credits scene. But alas, these figures were wholly unrelated to the movie (they wouldn't appear until the third movie in 2011 - with an entirely different design). I was bummed, but I still loved that we saw the Energon Arcee mold used one last time (the 7th and 8th redecos respectively). Plus this was the first Elita-One toy ever released. Despite being a simple repaint of Energon Arcee, the color palette is very recognizable as Elita. Let's check her out below!

Elita-One is supposed to come with an assortment of Energon Armor pieces in opaque black. I picked mine up loose on eBay years ago and she came with the root-beer-colored translucent pieces that belong with the Blue Movie Arcee. I took the pictures months before I realized the accessories were mis-matched (but I actually really like the brown armor paired with the rust-red body). The piece at the top is the Energon Star which attaches to the Spark Crystal on each figure's chest. The remaining pieces form rocket thrusters for her motorcycle mode or can assemble into a large Energy Arrow. The opaque missile piece can be used in either formation.

Here is Elita-One without the Energon Star attached to the cylindrical Spark Crystal on her chest. If you look down the tube, there is a concave metallic disk with the Autobot logo printed on it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Energon Arcee molds together. From Left to Right: Flareup, FlamewarParadron MedicArielArceeChromia (Moonracer)Arcee (Movie), and Elita One (Movie)Note: I've picked up a lot of these loose on eBay over the years and I just realized that two of them have mis-matched Energon accessories, specifically the two on the far Right: Arcee (Movie) and Elita One.


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