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Transformers Energon - ARCEE!

Transformers: Energon - Energon Class Wave 3 - Arcee - Hasbro 2004

In 2004 there was a CGI cartoon named Transformers: Energon (Transformers: Superlink in Japan). It was the second chapter in the Unicron Trilogy (between Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Cybertron).  I personally never watched any of these series, but I became very aware of the toyline for this specific figure. For the first time ever, we saw a transforming Arcee that was not just a repaint of another character. It also marked the start of me paying attention to the Transformers section of the action figure aisles, and eventually developed into the full-fledged obsession I have now. Luckily the world took notice and this figure got the attention it deserved. She spawned a slew of re-releases over the next three years. I recently added the final piece to my collection. So between now and New Years, I will be posting a review of each of the eight gorgeous redecos of this iconic mold. Sorry if it gets boring, but I'm ecstatic to finally be doing this after 18 years. Let's check out Arcee below!

Arcee comes with an assortment of Energon Armor pieces in translucent red. The piece at the top is the Energon Star which attaches to the Spark Crystal on each figure's chest. The remaining pieces form rocket thrusters for her motorcycle mode or can assemble into a large Energy Arrow (bow). The opaque projectile missile piece can be used in either formation.

Here is Arcee without the Energon Star attached (to the cylindrical Spark Crystal on her chest). If you look down the tube, there is a concave metallic disk with the Autobot logo printed on it.

This figure was also released under the name Omnicron Arcee in the 2005 Transformers Universe line.
The figure is identical. Pics swiped from eBay.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Arcee with the Japanese Takara counterpart, Ariel. Ariel is on the Left, has a gray face, and hot pink details. Arcee is on the Right, has a metallic silver face, and coral-pink details.

I accidentally switched their Left-Right position in the bike mode shot.
The only visible difference is the pink panel right behind the black seat.

Here are all the Energon Arcee molds together. From Left to Right: Flareup, FlamewarParadron MedicArielArceeChromia (Moonracer)Arcee (Movie), and Elita One (Movie)Note: I've picked up a lot of these loose on eBay over the years and I just realized that two of them have mis-matched Energon accessories, specifically the two on the far Right: Arcee (Movie) and Elita One.


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