Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Legendary Heroes No. 48C - G.G.I.D. Commander Christine - NewAge 2022

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this Commander Christine from NewAge Toys is the best Elita-1 figure in my collection. The sculpt, proportions, and coloring are all perfection. The only downfall is that I wish she were scaled larger. As a small 1:18 scale figure, she doesn't fit in with the bulk of my fembot collection. However, if the third party market has taught me anything in the past few years, there is a decent chance that some other toy entrepreneur will release an up-sized version of her. I now own four upsized 3rd Party figures (Generations Arcee, Iron Factory Windblade, Kingdom Airazor, and Blue Bolt). It's a great trend that I hope Christine falls victim to. You'll see in the final picture of this post how she compares to all the other Elita figures. There something about her that is more reminiscent of the original cartoon than her predecessors.  The white parts of her body appear soft and organic while the pink and coral parts look hard and robotic. I always liked that dichotomy in the original fembots. 

In profile, the position of her chest to neck is a little bulky and awkward. It almost seems like the chest piece should click backwards a few millimeters and her neck should be positioned a little farther forward. Other than this small thing though, the proportions of this mold are perfect.

Christine comes with two sets of hands and a handgun.

Whenever I post about one of the original Search for Alpha Trion characters, I feel compelled to post this image of the unfortunately cancelled fembot storyline from the Dreamwave Comics series.  
I would have been all over this.

Since we've been getting so much Orion Pax merch in the past few years, perhaps we can get an Ariel figure as well. In the flashback episode War Dawn, a young Optimus Prime and Elita One were introduced as Orion Pax and Ariel.

Here are the six variations of the Maschinenmensch mold. It should be noted that the Nightbird, Solus Prime, and Elita-1 figures are heavily retooled with new heads, torsos, pelvises, and shoulders.Also note that these solicit images make Christine and Sif appear metallic. They are not.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

And here are my three NewAge ladies (so far) together: Prime Sif, Maschinenmensch, and Commander Christine.

And here is my current Elita One collection. From Left to Right: Iron Factory AlleriaPower of the PrimesMastermind Creations Eupatorium, EarthSparkLegacy, Newage Commander Christine, and War for Cybertron. I didn't include my DST Bust or the Thunderblast repaint.


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