Friday, February 17, 2023

Lightyear 6" - IZZY HAWTHORNE!

Lightyear - Alpha Class 6" Series - Jr. Zap Patrol Izzy Hawthorne - Mattel 2022

An interesting thing about collecting a variety of different products from a certain toyline, especially when all produced by the same company, is that you can really see a diversity in quality. I actually think all the Lightyear products have been of good quality. Not a single piece is something I would write off as junk. But what does stand out from this comparison is Mattel's more premium product offering, the Alpha Class line. Right away, the scale is impressive. While all the cheaper, playable figures are in a 5" scale, this line is 6" which instantly has more appeal to the collector community since it matches the scale of the most popular toylines. The packaging is more display-ready (for those that like that), the articulation is greatly improved, and the accessories are detailed and smart. My highest indicators of toy quality though are paint application and the plastic itself.  This Izzy is constructed with very durable high quality plastic with an impressive texture and paint to match. Let's check out Izzy below!

This is the first Lightyear figure I've photographed without a glaringly shiny face. The differences in sheen between the eyes, skin, and two different shoulderpads shows a level of detail that is impressive.

With the other Zap Patrol Izzy figures, I wasn't a fan of the helmet. But I realized all the other figures had zero paint apps on the helmet. The red "eyes" with a dark wash behind them and the black antenna on this figure make me appreciate the design a lot more.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

And here is Izzy with the Alpha Class figure of her Grandmother, Alisha.

And here are all my Izzy figures in this armor. 
From Left to Right: Hyperspeed, Imaginext, 5" SeriesAlpha Class, and 12" Series.


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