Sunday, February 19, 2023

Lightyear 12" - IZZY HAWTHORNE!

Lightyear - Deluxe 12" Series - Jr. Zap Patrol Izzy Hawthorne - Mattel 2022

My final Lightyear post for this week. Thanks for humoring me as I had a serious backlog and was suddenly inspired by Black History Month to finally open and photograph all these Izzy and Alisha toys. (There will be a Darby post at some point in the future). I mentioned before that the 12" Alisha figure was my favorite of the entire product line. And while this Izzy figure isn't my favorite design, I love that she is the same scale as my favorite Alisha so she's not so lonely in the display. Additonally, there may or may not be a 12" figure of Izzy in her Star Command Space Ranger design coming. It's kind of blanked out on Amazon and Entertainment Earth has her listed with an ever-changing release date. It could easily me a simple swap of this Jr. Zap Patrol head with the Alisha body, but the solicit pics show full Buzz Lightyear wings. I guess time will tell if it ever gets released. In the meantime, I'm very happy to get at least one 12" figure of Izzy in the line (actually there are two.. see below). Let's check out Izzy below!

In researching this figure I discovered another version of Izzy from the 12" line. This is a "Zap Patrol Gear" figure and features seven pieces of removable armor, including her helmet which the standard figure does not have. She is heavily discounted on Amazon now.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Izzy with the 12" figure of her Grandmother, Alisha Hawthorne.

And here are all my Izzy figures in this armor. 
From Left to Right: Hyperspeed, Imaginext, 5" SeriesAlpha Class, and 12" Series.


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