Saturday, February 18, 2023

Lightyear 5" - IZZY HAWTHORNE!

Lightyear - Crystal Grade 5" Series - Space Ranger Alpha Izzy - Mattel 2022

It's amusing to me that my favorite part of the Lightyear movie is when Izzy finally donned the Space Ranger uniform at the end. I think a childhood full of shows like He-Man and Voltron that dangled transformation sequences in front of us as the pinnacle of awesomeness has effected my adult perceptions. Without any advance knowledge, I knew that Izzy, Mo, and Darby would get official uniforms eventually (these toys weren't shown until well after the movie debuted) and I watched the entire movie in hopeful anticipation of a simple costume change. The second wave of the Crystal Grade series (I think it was exclusive to Walmart) finally gave us a single poseable figure of Izzy in this design. There was a cumbersome action-feature-laden version and several included in large multipacks, but this was the most readily available. I keep finding new products every time I Google and it's honestly a little overwhelming. Still waiting on an Alpha Class in this design, but oh well. Let's check out Izzy!

There are another versions of Izzy in the 5" line. The stock image below is part of the "Mission Equipped" sub-line that comes in larger packaging and has action features. By squeezing this Izzy's Leg, her arm will raise. There are pros and cons to this figure. The general sculpt is identical to the Crystal Grade version, but the paint apps are different. The Crystal Grade figure has a metallic/opalescent paint that makes her look a little pastel overall. This Mission-Equipped figure is painted in regular bold colors and matches the other Lightyear figures better. However, the Mission-Equipped figure also has limited poseability due to the action feature. I found her to have a "floppy" feel. I ended up choosing the Crystal Grade version for my collection, but they are both good figures. There are also at least two versions of Izzy in this suit included in multipacks. I haven't seen either in person, but in solicit pics they look like the perfect mash-up of these two figures, but contradictorily several customer comments state a vague "paint apps weren't as advertised" so who knows.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Izzy with her Grandmother, Alisha. You can see how Izzy's metallic paints make her overall color scheme appear a little pastel.

And here is Izzy with her Standard Jr. Zap Patrol version.

And with Darby in her Space Ranger suit. I love these three in costume.


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  1. So wait... ...the Crystal Grade is the same exact scale as the Mission Equipped ones?
    I thought the action feature ones looked larger. Ugh... Disney / Mattel has really tried to be confusing with this line... ...we got, what... ...characters in 4 or 5 (or more?) different scales?