Monday, February 20, 2023

The Batman - CATWOMAN!

DC Multiverse - The Batman - Selina Kyle (Gold Label) - McFarlane Toys 2022

Yet another McFarlane Toys variant that should have been the original figure. As much as I have appreciated McFarlane's DC Multiverse efforts, the blatant cash grab of the figure variations is a little frustrating. It seems like every other toyline or company has no issue including an alternate head when appropriate (and oftentimes when it's not), but McFarlane releases a feature like that as a new limited variant, makes it an exclusive, and suddenly you're re-buying a figure. It's kind of genius from a business perspective, but I predict it's going to make me give up on the line in exasperation eventually. This Gold Label Catwoman should have been the first one released. It has a movie-accurate headsculpt which looks great. The first release had a full skimask that (as far as I can recall) never appeared in the movie. But at the time it was the best movie representation. It's surprising how much I love this Gold Label version considering the difference is so minor. Let's check out Catwoman below!

Every version of this figure I saw in stores (I saw at least 15) had really messed up paint around the mask edges. Considering the only splash of color on the entire figure is the exposed flesh around the mouth and eyes, this was really distracting. These pics show the figure after a simple touch-up to smooth those lines. This is the version I would have found if I had infinite patience.

Catwoman comes with a whip and a figure stand. The whip is different than both her previous figures. And honestly this one is my least favorite. It has an unnatural curve that doesn't really look like it's in motion or still.

She also come with a holographic collector card.

Here is a collage I posted on Instagram of the many bad paintjobs I found in stores. Either the black edging was sloppy, or the eye stamps weren't lined up and created a blurry look.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three different Catwomen figure together: Unmasked, Gold Label, and Standard.


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