Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dino Ranch - MIN & CLOVER!

Dino Ranch - Dino and Rider 2-Packs - Min and Clover - Jazwares Toys 2022

When I was a kid I had a true obsession with dinosaurs. I know this is a very common theme for children in modern times. But when I was young it made me a weirdo. Don't get me wrong, there were still dinosaur books and toys catered to me, but they were a very small fraction of what we see today. And everything I did see back then was factual and scientific. There weren't any fun fantastical properties until a little later with the introduction of Dino-Riders and Dinosaucers, so I just had to create my own fictional worlds with my museum-quality replica toys. When these preschool toys for the Disney+ animated series Dino Ranch started showing up early last year (initially only in CVS of all places), I was really intrigued by the property. They were quite literally a cartoony version of a concept my young brain had invented decades earlier. I wanted dinosaur pets and dinosaur steeds more than anything else in the world. I still haven't seen the show, but the nostalgic pull of these toys was impossible to resist.

Min is the sole female in the main trio of characters. Her dinosaur friend is Clover the Brontosaurus.

Jon is the "leader" of the trio and rides Blitz the Velociraptor.

Miguel is an inventor and rides Tango the Triceratops.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a Dino Ranch trio together.


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