Sunday, March 19, 2023

Transformers - ARCEE as CHUN-LI!

Street Fighter II x Transformers - Hot Rod (Ken) vs Arcee (Chun-Li) - Hasbro 2021

Funny story about my acquisition of this set. I was mildly intrigued at a Chun-Li version of Arcee when I first saw the solicitations way back in 2017. But when they were released years later (2019 I believe), I passed. Then as soon as she was unavailable, I suddenly wanted her, but the inflated prices on eBay were just not doable. Then in 2021 they announced a reissue (FYI, the box specifically says 2021 so I used that date on this post). When I finally saw the box in person on Black Friday 2022, I experienced sticker shock at the $75.99 price. I was at the self checkout already and a temporary (holiday) employee asked what was wrong - I was literally shocked and probably looked it. I said "oh, nothing, I just thought this was more like $49.99 but it's ringing up $75." Then the kid said "no problem, let me change that price for you." I protested, but they insisted. I used to shoplift as a kid so I'm very sensitive about any perceived theft on my part. But it was out of my hands and now I have my own discounted Chun-cee.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with two other uses of this mold:  Combiner Hunter Arcee and Generations Arcee.

And with two Chun-Li's I had on hand: 2009 NECA and 2019 Funko.



  1. Interesting mash up. Very cool.

  2. Hah I never felt a need to buy this one. I saw it marked up heavily at a few conventions and it never really caught my eye. That said it went on clearance at my local Target for $37.50. At that price it was in my basket before I realized I needed to shop for groceries as well.

    1. Yes at full price (and reseller prices) I wasn't interested, but I'm glad I picked her up. My actual grocery store used to carry Marvel Legends (and other $20+ toys) at one point and it was so distracting. I'm used to them having the same dinky selection as CVS or RiteAid. Weird to say, but I'm glad they stopped cause I would always screw up my grocery list if I found something fun.