Monday, March 27, 2023

Marvel Legends - VERTIGO!

Marvel Legends: X-Men Villains 60th Anniversary Set - Vertigo - Hasbro 2023

Vertigo is a Savage Land Mutate who first appeared in the pages of Marvel Fanfare #1 (1982). The mutates were not true mutants, but rather genetically-altered humans given powers through science. Vertigo is one of those great characters with a name, power, and costume perfectly themed for her role: dizziness. I first noticed her eight years later during the Inferno storyline in the late 80s. By that time she was a Marauder being led by Mister Sinister to massacre the Morlocks whom Sinister deemed genetically disposable. She wasn't a main character and it was hard to pick up details about her in big group scenes. Honestly I thought she was (yet another) reimagined Polaris due to her green hair. But I soon figured out her name and powers. Her story, however, is very confusing. She is one of those characters who has been killed and cloned numerous times and doesn't even have a real name. But the swirly green outfit and cool name is enough for me to be a fan. Let's check out Vertigo below!

This is a great looking figure overall. I don't mind the fact that she's essentially a repainted Sue Storm with pinless elbows. But I do wish they might have chosen a head with a more wicked expression. She looks very happy for someone who is going to nauseate you.

Vertigo's only accessory is an extra pair of fisted hands.

This cover of X-Men #240 was my first exposure to Vertigo.

Vertigo has appeared in both X-Men the Animated Series as well as Wolverine and the X-Men (pictured below). Plus she was a boss in the 2013 Deadpool video game.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here is a group shot of the X-Men Villains box set. From Left to Right: Stryfe, Pretty Boy, Zero, Vertigo, and Random.



  1. Sigh. It's so disenfrachising how Marvel just keeps pumping out female figures with either useless, spread finger hands, or useless, closed fist hands. One shouldn't have to keep going to eBay every time they buy a female figure just to buy spare or even BOOTLEG gripping hands.

  2. Great figure even if it is a repainted plain buck. Just glad they are delving more into the Marauders/Morlocks story line. It was one of my favorite arcs.