Saturday, March 25, 2023


APCToys Night Countess (3rd Party Prime Airachnid) - APCToys 2022

The inspiration for my dour review of the Transformers: Prime Airachnid figure Thursday was this newly-produced Masterpiece-Scale "Night Countess" 3rd Party figure from APCToys. This figure succeeds in every place that the Hasbro version failed. Her sculpt has personality, dexterity, and just looks great overall. I am not a collector who just buys a single version of a character. If I did, I can imagine how people might think 3rd Party figures are harmful to brands and the toy industry. But, no, I will literally buy every version of a character I love (if I can afford it). And I think we all know that Hasbro would be very unlikely to revisit a character who has essentially been retired from Transformers media for years. So this is when a 3rd Party company can step in and offer a desperately needed new take on a figure. And I can't think of a more deserving character than Airachnid. She is sinister and vampy, which is an aesthetic I love. I also appreciate the Maleficent vibe. Let's check out Night Countess below!

Here is Night Countess with her Spider-legs attached.

For the main turnarounds I will display her Spider-legless.

Night Countess comes with two options for "legs." There are two pieces that can mount in her back and form the six articulated spider legs for her robot mode. Additionally, there is a second set of "legs" that are solely intended for the helicopter blades. They fold up like a tripod as seen in the photo below.

So... this is embarrassing, but I was so excited over Night Countess' robot mode that I flaked and forgot to photograph her in her helicopter and spider-lady modes.

Here are some pics I grabbed from TheChosenPrime (where I purchase 90% of my 3rd Party figures from FYI). I'm not an affiliate or anything, but they always have the best shipping prices (the product prices themselves are essentially consistent across the main sites). But I like their Roller's Stash feature (like BBTS's Pile of Loot).  Plus I've had a few random issues over the years (I've been ordering for about 8 years, so small snafus are inevitable) and the customer service has been great.

Time for some a Comparison Pic!

And here are my Airachnid figures together. From Left to Right: Robots in Disguise Deluxe, 3rd Party APCToys Night Countess, Legion Class, and Kre-O.



  1. If only Hasbro gave such logical care to insect legs on their toys...

  2. Yes she is that good! Thanks for the tip.