Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Princess of Power Masterverse - SHADOW WEAVER!

MOTU Princess of Power - Masterverse Wave 8 - Shadow Weaver - Mattel 2023

Shadow Weaver may very well be my favorite thing to come out of the She-Ra the Princess of Power cartoon. Don't get me wrong, I loved almost everything about the show. But if I were forced to erase my memories of all characters but one, Shadow Weaver would be it. I love her wicked nature, her seemingly limitless power, and her simple iconic design. Then you add in her cool Light Spinner backstory and the revelation that she looks surprisingly like a sexy Orko, and I'm just obsessed. This Masterverse version of Shadow Weaver was unexpected but very welcome. Each of her figures manage to offer subtle improvements. For instance, this newest version has the best headsculpt and neck/cowl articulation. Her coloring is the most cartoon accurate as well. I was dreading the soft goods cloak, but I actually love it. It flows nicely and offers more posing options than the previous versions. The next few Masterverse waves seem devoid of females, so I'm glad she turned out so strong. Let's check out Shadow Weaver below!

The indentation around her skirt at her thigh level is from the too-tight plastic fastener in the packaging. It doesn't look permanent and I assume it will relax over time.

Shadow Weaver's cloak has two arm holes sewn in a simple draped-over-the-arm fashion.
The effect is a lot better that the convention pictures implied.

Shadow Weaver comes with a hovering figure stand, a wand, a fireball effect, and two extra hands.

I don't know if the fireball is meant for her hand or her wand, but they work for both.

She doesn't need the hovering stand in order to keep upright, but it adds some necessary height. Otherwise she is too short for the line.

Under her skirt, Shadow Weaver seems to have ball joints at her "knees" and hips.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three primary Shadow Weaver figures together. From Left to Right: 2012 MOTUC, 2023 MasterVerse, and 2020 Super7 Club Grayskull.

Here are the Princess of Power MasterVerse figures so far: Shadow Weaver, She-Ra, Catra, and Frosta.


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