Friday, March 31, 2023

Transformers - CRASHER!

Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection (Walmart) - Crasher - Hasbro 2022

Someday somebody is going to make a great Crasher toy. When I try to conjure my earlier childhood memories of this character, they are all terrifying. I remember her being tall and blocky with an expressively sinister face and a maniacal laugh. And an additional level of fright was her favorite mode of destruction - stomping. Other cartoon villains of the 80's utilized weird ray guns or elaborate traps with nets and cages. They always seemed (intentionally?) laughable and non-threatening. But stomping was a palpable and universal threat. So, to take a character with a handful of simple and iconic characteristics and repeatedly miss the mark is baffling. I was excited at the news of an official Crasher figure in the Transformers universe (as opposed to a simple homage figure). Especially since there are so many female bucks to choose from these days. But no, they focus 100% on presenting an accurate racecar mode and give us a robot form that is Crasher in palette only. Sigh.

Still, this figure represents a great merging of the Go-Bots and Transformers universes and I hope we someday get a better version of her (and a lot of the other Go-Bots while we're at it). Let's check out Crasher below!

This Crasher figure uses the body of the Kingdom Mirage figure shown below, but the head from the Siege transparent blue "Holo Mirage."

Time for  a Comparison Pic!

Here are my Crashers so far. From Left to Right: 2007 Hasbro Fracture, 2022 Hasbro Crasher, and the 2015 Dx9 Cocomone.



  1. I have yet to find her in the stores. I still have a little hope, but I might soon just give up and pay the ebay scalpers...

  2. Boy. If there was ever a candidate for a fan-printed custom head. Like... why? Is it that hard for Hasbro to tool a simple HEAD that looks like a face? Just 1 part?

    1. I saw one hidden in the back of a peg of Rocket Racers in my closest Walmart last week. But this particular walmart has all their toys locked in glass cases and you have to talk halfway across the store to electronics to get an associate with the key. And I was there right before closing and not an associate in sight. I'm going to stop back this week. I want one ot customize so bad.