Sunday, April 23, 2023

Mission Fleet - BO-KATAN!

Star Wars Mission Fleet: Gauntlet Starfighter - Bo-Katan - Hasbro 2021

Star Wars Mission Fleet is a fun line of miniature articulated action figures with stylized vehicles. They seem more like a maturation of the Playskool Galactic Heroes line (which I loved) as opposed to the more "serious" Micro Galaxy Squadron miniature line. The Mission Fleet line started out strong back in 2020 with a lot of initial releases, but there has been a steady slowdown ever since. I've had this Bo-Katan set in my stash for quite a while but delayed opening her since I assumed she would be the last lady in the line. But to my surprise we got a Reva Third Sister figure late last year and there is an upcoming Fennec Shand this Summer. So the line is definitely alive, just really slow. This figure also marked a turning point in collecting for me as she was the first Hasbro figure I saw (and purchased) in plastic-free windowless packaging. It may be commonplace now, but back in October of 2021 we were still waiting to see if it was real. Luckily mine looked good. Let's check out Bo-Katan Kryze below!

Bo-Katan comes with two handguns, a translucent shield, and a jetpack.

She also comes with a laser cannon on a tripod.

Here are the pieces of the starfighter and cannon disassembled how they come packaged.

The Starfighter has an interesting design of wings that swivel upward when in a landing position. They show this in action quite often in The Mandalorian Season 3.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Bo-Katan with the Mission Fleet Ahsoka Tano and Cara Dune.

And here are a handful of recent Bo-Katan figures. From Left to Right: Mission Fleet, Retro Collection, Limited Articulation Figure, and Black Series.


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