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Nascar Racers - "Spitfire" Megan Fassler - Figure & Rescue Racer - Hasbro 1999

From 1999-2001, Fox Kids Network and Saban Entertainment cashed in on the exploding popularity of NASCAR and created the animated series NASCAR Racers featuring two rival racing teams in a futuristic setting. The show was popular and lasted two seasons but fell victim to the sale of Saban to Disney before season 3 went into production. But before that cancellation, the show spawned books, a video game, and of course toys. Most of the toys are simple cars in various scales. And eBay is inundated with Kellogg's promotional toys and Wendy's Kids Meal cars. But hidden in the mix is this great line of "Figure & Rescue Racer" toys featuring nine of the most popular characters in action figure form along with their signature vehicles. Megan Fassler is the token female from Team Fastex (who later assembled a separate team of female drivers). She is the only female who got an action figure. Which is sad, but also a blessing because these are super hard to track down. Let's check out Megan below!

There are a handful of different product lines for this cartoon. If you are seeking the action figure drivers, they are usually on display right on the card bubble as seen below.

Megan comes with her car, the Spitfire.

Inside the driver compartment is Megan in her own smaller "Rescue Racer."

When you hit the button on the front bumper, the sides pop up and expose two missile launchers. Oddly though, the missiles can't be loaded when they are tucked away. You have the manually put them in the launchers after they are popped up. Before this, the missiles are stored in the rear bumper and look like two yellow exhaust pipes (as seen in the first photo).

Megan is articulated at the shoulders, hips, and neck.

Her only personal accessory is her helmet. It looks a lot like a Mandalore helmet.

There are a lot of interesting female characters in the series. Unfortunately Megan is the only one who got a toy.

Here is the rest of the line shown on the cardback.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here is Megan with a selection of 1:28 females. From Left to Right: M.A.S.K. Vanessa Warfield, Justice League Action Mini Harley Quinn, Battle Force 5 Agura Ibaden, Megan Fassler, Transformers Mikaela Banes, WWE Beast Mode Becky Lynch, and Dino-Riders Serena.


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