Thursday, April 6, 2023

G.I.Joe Classified - ZARANA!

G.I.Joe Classified Series (6" Line) #48 - Dreadnok Zarana - Hasbro 2023

Zarana is iconic to me because she was the first female G.I.Joe character that all the boys desperately wanted the toy of. The previous ladies all still seemed to have a cootie factor making them uncool for the average boy to play with. But Zarana had a natural badassery, family lineage, and highly sought-after color-changing gimmick that made her a desirable toy regardless of your gender hangups. I would love to say that her ability to disguise herself was a notable trait. But Scarlett, Lady Jaye, and Baroness had been pulling that trick for years and we were all wise to the random female civilian like a Star Trek redshirt by the time Zarana was introduced. Instead, her punk-rock aesthetic and typical Dreadnok temperament made her a standout character foe her first appearance in Arise Serpentor Arise. I've been wanting a Zarana in the Classified line from the beginning but was curious how they would handle her hair. Luckily they gave us two amazing options - cartoon and vintage toy. Let's check out Zarana below!

Zarana comes with two alternate hairpieces, a backpack, a thin blade, a larger menacing blade with a red (molten?) tip, her iconic buzz-saw rifle, and a small ammunition clip for that buzz-saw rifle.

When looking for Zarana images online I came across this awesome collage posted by jao666 on DeviantArt.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are a bunch of my Zaranas together. I excluded the ones that weren't wearing the iconic pink.

And here are the main Classified ladies so far (excluding paint variations and Snake-Eyes movie figures): Blue Ninja Trooper, Lady Jaye, Zarana, Baroness, and Scarlett v2.


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