Saturday, June 3, 2023

Marvel Legends - DAZZLER!

Marvel Legends - Mojo World Deluxe Box Set -  Dazzler - Hasbro 2022

I don't think I ever realized how many distinct looks that Alison Blair aka Dazzler has had. But surprisingly this newest Marvel Legends figure of her provides a third version that I just had to have. I love Dazzler for two main reasons. Firstly, she is one of the first Marvel Heroines to star in a self-titled comic. It may seem commonplace in modern times, but Dazzler #1, 1981, was only the (I believe) 5th female led Marvel comic. Secondly, she played a big role in the Mojoverse and Mojo Mayhem storyline featuring a wacky media-obsessed world partly created by my OG favorite artist, Arthur Adams. For those reasons, she will always have superstar status in my mind. It was quite a surprise to get a third version of this character so soon, but I am so glad someone had the idea because she looks great (if you can get over the sticker shock of the set. I got mine on sale). The photography process for me proved very frustrating however, for some reason my camera represents her with a gray-green outfit and pinkish skin.

I had her in my photo tent on 5 different shoots before I decided to reluctantly use flash photography. Don't judge me on the weird glares and harsh shadows. It took me over a month of editing to get these photos to look even half normal.

This deluxe came with two cool inner boxes: one designed like a vintage remote control and the other like a TV Guide magazine.

Dazzler's personal accessories are two set of hands, and two light energy effects.

The Mojo World box set also comes with a Deluxe Mojo figure, Longshot, and and X-Babies Wolverine figurine.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three modern Dazzler figures together: Vintage Series 2019, Mojo World 2023, and Disco Dazzler Warlock Wave 2017.

Here are the figures from the Mojo World box set all together: Longshot, Mojo, Dazzler, and X-Babies Wolverine.


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