Thursday, May 18, 2023

MOTU Revelation - DARK-LYN!

Masterverse - Mattelcreations Exc - MOTU Revelation - Dark-Lyn - Mattel 2023

Masters of the Universe: Revelation seemed to focus a lot on character growth and transformation. Because of the time-jump in the storyline and the un-doing of Eternian power balance as we have always known it, almost every character had multiple distinct looks. This was especially true of the two token females: Teela and Evil-Lyn. When all is said and done, each of these ladies will have had three very distinct Masterverse figures (even more if you count the alternate heads), and this was only from a single season. [Spoilers for the next few sentences] Dark-Lyn is the final form of Evil-Lyn when she steals the Power of Grayskull from Skeletor (then Skelegod). I will admit this is my least favorite design of all the female characters in Revelation. I don't hate it, but it pales in comparison to the Sorceress Evil-Lyn design and the final version of Teela. Where the Skelegod upgrade was cool and colorful with big horns and green power effects, the only visual upgrade here seems to be her height and musculature.

I don't know what I was hoping for, but I would expect some creepier qualities like a tentacle or skull motif. Or horns. Or real bat wings. The bat design in her previous incarnation was so unique that it set the bar high. To me, Dark-Lyn looks like a wrestler who tells fortunes. She's pretty cool, but she could have been better IMO. Dark-Lyn is a Masterverse Deluxe figure that is exclusive to the MattelCreations website (and it still available as of this post).

Dark-Lyn comes in plastic-free packaging. Inside the box is a cardboard triptych with different images printed on each side.

Dark-Lyn's cape is anchored to a removeable backpack piece. Her shoulderpads are also attached to that backpack. Her gold collarpiece and chest emblem are both attached with posts and anchorholes and are also removeable. I have photographed her both with these adornments on and removed. 

I didn't notice when watching the show that she has the "Battle Armor He-Man" H logo on her chest.

Her cape has a star pattern printed on the lining and heavy wires in the hem for posing.

Dark-Lyn comes with alternate hands and two blue power effects.

This figure stand below came with a recent McFarlane DC figure. Dark-Lyn does not come with a stand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three Revelation Masterverse Evil-Lyn's so far: Sorceress Evil-Lyn, Dark-Lyn, and Standard Version.


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