Saturday, July 22, 2023

Sonic - AMY ROSE!

Sonic the Hedgehog - 2.5" Series Wave 12 -  Amy Rose - Jakks Pacific 2023

It's amazing how my previously tiny Sonic the Hedgehog collection has blown up in recent years. And while we keep getting great new characters like Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit, and the upcoming Blaze the Cat, the brands always seem to circle back to the pinnacle female character, Amy Rose. For the first time though, this particular 2.5" modern Amy Rose was notoriously difficult to find. She was released back in January or February but she was basically non-existent in stores near me for six months. And when I found her in Target a couple weeks ago it was a fluke and I haven't seen her since. I really appreciate the dual 4" and 2.5" Sonic scales in the Jakks line (which has been a major factor in my burgeoning Sonic shelf). It seems like there is always a new Sonic figure to be hunting down these days where previously we would have to wait years between any female releases. The 4" Blaze should supposedly be showing up soon (likely followed by a 2.5" version). Can't wait! Let's check out Amy Rose below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three 2.5" Ladies from the Sonic Jakks line so far: Rouge the Bat, Amy Rose, and Classic Amy Rose.

And here she is with her 2021 figure from the 4" Sonic Jakks series.

And with a collection of Amy Rose in this outfit. 
From Left to Right: Jazwares 2010, 4" Jakks 2021, 2.5" Jakks 2023, ReSaurus 2000, and Just Toys 2022.


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