Friday, August 25, 2023

Gargoyles - ELISA MAZA!

Disney's Gargoyles - Ultimate Action Figures - Elisa Maza - NECA Toys 2023

A common staple of a fantasy-based story is to have a touchpoint character to lead the audience into an unworldly tale. This character has to be both relatable and unique enough to remain interesting as a main character. This character in Disney's Gargoyles was Elisa Maza, a Detective with the 23rd precinct in Manhattan who first discovers the Gargoyles and ends up being their main contact to the human world. She is a strong and competent character who protects the Manhattan Clan from the humans who would fear them. Her Native American and African American heritage plays a role in her character development throughout the series and makes her even more interesting. I often shy away from buying action figures of plainclothes characters, but something about the sculpt and presentation of this figure drew me in and I had to get her. Plus it helps that she wore this outfit very consistently so it's pretty iconic in its simplicity. I can't wait to see what this line gives us next. Let's check out Elisa!

Elisa comes with three sets of hands, two hairpieces, three faceplates, a badge, a flashlight, 
and her cat Cagney (who is articulated at the neck).

All three faces have great sculpts, but I am super picky about paint jobs and the calm face on the Left is the only one whose pupil placement seems right. There was only one Elisa in the store, so I wasn't able to choose the best one (like I normally do).

Here is a series of photos showing the six different combinations of face and hair.

I'm a little embarrassed, but I was so distracted by photographing the different face and hair combinations above that I never took my typical turnaround photos. I may re-shoot her and insert them at a later date.

Her blue jeans are really nice. Both the sculpt and the paintjob are excellent. 
Probably the best jeans I've ever seen on an action figure.

There was an iconic episode in Season 2 The Mirror when Eliza became a Gargoyle and the rest of the Manhattan Clan became human. It would be cool to see this version of her in toy form.

Elisa also comes with the folded wings for Brooklyn. It seems like the human characters and smaller Gargoyles will be paired with alternate folded wings for another character. I imagine this will keep the cost consistent for the line and find useful accessories for lighter characters. Demona's folded wings should be coming with Xanatos.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three NECA Gargoyles ladies (so far) together: Demona, Elisa Maza, and Angela.


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  1. I think she's a beautiful figure! I made a custom figure of Detective Ellen Yin from The Batman (who shares many design similarities with Elisa Maza) some years back and am glad there's an official Elisa Maza figure now.