Thursday, August 10, 2023

Marvel Legends - SPIDER-WOMAN!

West Coast Avengers Box Set - Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) - Hasbro 2023

When we got the first modern Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman Marvel Legends figure back in 2019, I was very happy. I thought it was the best Spider-Lady figure in the line so far. But at the same time I had a hunch we would see another release of her before too long. My prediction was only partially right because I assumed we would see a purple repaint from the 1994 Iron Man animated series. But I should have guessed that a "first appearance" design was an even more likely option. The Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman first appeared in Secret Wars #7 (1984) wearing stark black and white spider outfit that was instantly iconic (and soon plagiarized by Peter Parker himself). By the early 90s she had joined The West Coast Avengers and become a staple character. Her popularity may boom next year due to her role in the upcoming Madame Web (2024) film played by Sydney Sweeney, so I guess an updated Julia figure was inevitable. She looks great. Lets check out Spider-Woman below!

Spider-Woman's only accessories are an alternate pair of fisted hands.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Julia with her 2019 version from the Molten Man wave.

And with all my Julia figures together. From Left to Right: Minimates, Marvel Legends (2006), Eaglemoss, Marvel Legends (2019), Minimates, ToyBiz, Marvel Legends (2023), Marvel Universe, Marvel Select (2006), Heroclix, and Superhero Squad.

And here are the three ladies from this amazing box set together: MockingbirdTigra, and Spider-Woman.

I forgot to take a big group shot, but here are the boys: Iron Man and Hank Pym.


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  1. My absolute favorite version of Spider Woman. I told myself I wouldn't get this set because of repeats. I may have to get this set. Especially since Mockingbird is included.