Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Marvel Legends - SPIDER-WOMAN (JULIA!)

Spider-Man Legends - Molten Man BaF Wave - Spider-Woman - Hasbro 2019

This Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman figure is one of my most-wished-for Marvel Legends. I've honestly never even read a Julia story that I enjoyed. Her real prominence was in the 1990s, and I always find that decade to be defined by dubious storytelling and art (at least where superheroes were concerned). But to me she will always be a super iconic Marvel heroine. Her costume is so cool that it even inspired Spider-Man's black suit. Marvel Legends has given us an insane amount of Spiders in the last five years, and Julia was glaringly absent (especially considering she's the second most noteworthy Spider-Lady). But the wait was worth it because this figure is perfection. She's a perfect blend of classic and modern (well, her hair is modern... thankfully). Now I need to re-assess my Spider-Man Legends wishlist... Mania, Agony, Lady Spider, Mattie Franklin, etc. I would love them all. But all the super important ones are now in my collection and i'm extremely happy about that. Let's check out Julia Carpenter below!

So my figure in the photos has terrific paint. The only flaws are a few spots of white plastic showing through the black paint on her thighs. However, I actually bought four Julias trying to find a good one. I think this figure is particularly prone to smudged paint. And the fact that her costume is so minimalist makes any little flaw really stand out. The next three photos show my other purchases with various flaws circled. In the stores I was so excited that I honestly didn't even notice any problems.

Spider-Woman's only accessory is an extra hand with a web-spinning effect.

Julia comes with the torso build-a-figure piece for Molten Man. The torso comes split into two pieces in the packaging (front and back halves). It looks very huge and bizarre in the packaging and I didn't understand what I was looking at until I unboxed her.

I wasn't planning on building Molten Man, but after seeing how this piece is made of translucent orange plastic with gold/coppery paint over top I'm very tempted. It makes a very cool lava effect when backlit.

Even though her hair mostly obscures it, she has a full spidey symbol on her back too.

So my OCD issues emerged last night and I went crazy trying to identify the box art. It looked very very familiar to me. After a few hours I found this panel from Spider-Girl #7. I knew this Julia art looked more like Anya Corazon.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

And here she is with the two main Julia figures before now: the 2006 Marvel Legends Variant figure, and the 2006 SDCC Exclusive Marvel Select from DST.

And all my Julia merchandise together.


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