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Gormiti: Elemental Fusion - Jessica (The Air Lord) - Giochi Preziosi 2008

Gormiti is one of those properties that is a perfect recipe for great action figures. The characters are brightly-colored, creatively-designed, and nature-themed with great elemental factions. The television portion of the franchise essentially reboots every few years with a new assortments of characters, and I always scour the internet to check out the new toys. The main distribution is in Italy with availability across Europe, but here in the US we barely see any. I always wish for more female characters that can get merchandised, but it would also be a double-edged sword because they're really hard to get. As for now, there is only one merchandised female character, Jessica the Air Lord, who got three action figures between 2008-2010. This Elemental Fusion version is a repaint of her first figure with less (no) accessories but with an added voice feature. She was exceptionally hard to get (not because she's valuable, but because overseas shipping is out of control). Let's check out Jessica below!

I go my Jessica loose on eBay, so the packaged pics above are swiped from FigureRealm.

The pink diamond button on her abdomen can be pressed to play one of two audio voice recordings. 
They are in Italian and they are just old and tinny enough that my translator app can't decipher it.
She sounds kind of angry though. I wouldn't mess with her.

Jessica has had a lot of visual transformations over the years. I tend to think this particular toy with it's slightly darker palette is meant to (cheaply) represent the blue-skinned, gray-armor version seen below.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Elemental Fusion Jessica with the Lords of Nature Return version. They are identical molds except for the hairpiece and abdomen which has been engineered to house batteries for the voice feature in the Elemental Fusion figure. Also, the first version has lightly flocked wingtips, forearms, and calves. The darker version has no flocking.

Here they are with Jessica's 2010 Supreme Eclipse Era figure.


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