Monday, October 23, 2023

Wild Republic's SISTERS OF THE SEA!

Sisters of the Sea: Mermaids - 6" Action Playsets - Wild Republic 2014-2023

Mermaid action figures are very hard to come by. As common as mermaid dolls, mermaid plushes, and mermaid figurines may be, articulated action figures are extremely rare. I first discovered these Wild Republic mermaids back in 2014 when the first Sisters of the Sea figure showed up at a beachside 5&10 shop while I was on vacation. Then I quickly found a color variant and I knew I'd be obsessing over this line for a long time. The newer figures have swapped out the catchy "Sisters of the Sea" name for - ahem - "Mermaid Moveable Playset" but the colors and wow factor just keep improving. This line is notoriously hard to find. I suggested your zoo, aquarium, and museum gift shops, and any beachside novelty shops. I check all my locals places obsessively, but it's worth the effort to score a well-sculpted (yet inexpensive) mermaid. They are not collector toys. So, yes, the paint can be sloppy, and yes, the joints can be loose, but I love them anyway. Let's check out the Sisters of the Sea below!

This 5-Pack showed up in the Wild Republic/K&M product catalog around 2020, but I have never seen the actual box in person or even on eBay. I managed to pick up all the figures loose. Note that the orange-tailed mermaid is pretty different than the solicit image. In reality, her skin is darker and her hair is dark brown.

The two darker-skinner mermaids have a distinct metallic hue to their skin. It's actually a neat effect when photographed - like a glistening sun-kissed sheen - but in person it looks rather inhuman. Like they've been swimming in liquid gold.

This Blue-Haired, Pink-Tailed figure also comes in a large playset with 8 articulated sealife figures.
This set is currently available from Amazon and other online retailers.

This figure was the first one I bought back in 2014. (I reviewed her back then). She's an obvious homage to to a famous diminutive mermaid. Note that the newer sculpts have clothed torsos instead of seashell bras. I believe this mold was released three times.

A simple variant of this figure exists with purple seashells and a purple waistline.
This is actually the most common mermaid in this entire post, but she's the only one I don't own.
She regularly shows up online.

This blonde variant of the first figure is what gave me the motivation to keep searching for new releases over the years. K&M showed their cards with the intention release repaints and my monitoring diligence paid off.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all seven of my Wild Republic mermaids so far.


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  1. The blonde mermaid with the pink top and green fin looks like Perfuma from She-Ra. Any chance you want to deaccession that green otter from the box set?