Friday, December 8, 2023

Sonic Prime - BATTEN ROUGE!

Sonic Prime - No Place (2.5" 3-Pack) - Batten Rouge - Jakks Pacific 2023

It's funny to think that a few short years ago, Rouge that Bat seemed to be one of the most fan-demanded Sonic characters for inclusion in a toy line. The Jazwares line from 10 years ago often had rumors of a Rouge, but nothing ever materialized. So instead it was the elusive 2005 Toy Island figure that became a grail for collectors and fueled the demand for an updated version. But since last year, Jakks Pacific has been answering our prayers and has given us two classic Rouge figures (in both 4" and 2.5" scale) as well as this 2.5" pirate-themed Batten Rouge from Sonic: Prime. Plus there is at least one more coming soon (a 5" version of this design). I'm personally hoping for a Prim Rouge figure with her cool leafy design from the Boscage Maze portion of the Shatterverse. But I'm thrilled with anything. It's a shame that these 2.5" figures from Sonic: Prime only seem to be coming in multipacks. But so far my excitement over the characters has overtaken my frugal nature. Let's check out Batten Rouge below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Batten Rouge with the other 2.5" Sonic Prime lady so far, Rusty Rose.

And here are the contents of the No Place 3-Pack: Sails Tails, Batten Rouge, and Sonic.

And here is Batten Rouge with the standard Rouge the Bat from the 2.5" Jakks series. 
I was surprised they were different sizes.

And with the 2022 4" Rouge the Bat added.


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  1. Really hate that they put her in a Pack forcing you to buy it all 3 figures.

    I wish she was release separately