Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Sonic Prime - RUSTY ROSE!

Sonic Prime – 5” Action Figures Wave 2 - Rusty Rose - Jakks Pacific 2023

I still haven't watched Sonic: Prime yet, but over Thanksgiving my young nephew talked my ear off about it. (FYI he gives it rave reviews).  I am personally a fan just for the sheer amount of cool toys we're getting from it. With both Rouge the Bat and Amy Rose as main characters, and the thematic multiverse-type premise of the show, we are getting a ton of variations. I already reviewed Thorn Rose, the feral version of Amy from the Boscage Maze (the jungle-themed branch of the Shatterverse). And here we have Rusty Rose, the cyborg Amy from New Yoke City. The third version is Black Rose the pirate Amy who will be in Wave three next year (follow by the pirate Batten Rouge in Wave four). I'm assuming all the versions will eventually be released in the 2.5" line as well (I have two so far). I will always be a purist for these characters' original video game designs, but I can't deny how fun these variations are. Very excited ot add them all to my Sonic collection. Let's check out Rusty Rose below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two 5" Sonic Prime ladies: Thorn Rose and Rusty Rose.

And here is Rusty Rose with her 2.5" version.

Here is Rusty Rose with the Amy Rose from the main 4" Jakks line.


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