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Masters of the Universe Origins - Lady Slither - Mattel Creations Exc - Mattel 2023

An amazing thing about a property as rich and celebrated as Masters of the Universe is the occasion to infuse the lore with new characters and stories. A whole arena of Eternian mythos that never quite appealed to me was the Snake Men. I remember the vintage toys being all the rage among my young peers. And I know the 200x series thrilled those same fans years later with further reptilian exploration. But I think the lack of female characters in the stories just kept me at bay. But then about ten years ago in the height of MOTU Classics, there was a mysterious new character introduced in the mini-comics: Lady Slither, the Queen Empress of the Snake Men. She was surprisingly the only MOTU character to have a serpent's lower body (a design choice I thought would be a given for a diverse reptilian race). The brief glimpses of her created buzz and the fan demand for an action figure was immediate. It took ten years and a new toy line, but we finally have her. Let's check out Lady Slither below!

This deluxe figure was exclusive to Mattel Creations on 9/12/23 and sold out very fast. I'm typically pretty good about snagging my most-wanted figures when they go live, but I totally missed her and had to get her on the pricey secondary market. The figure comes in a striking shipper box (above) and beautiful graphic window box packaging inside (below).

Lady Slither comes with the standard assortment of swappable parts we expect from the Origins line. 
But in addition, she comes with an articulated snake tail, a red waist connector, and a cape.

This instruction diagram is printed on multiple interior cardboard flaps on the packaging.

The legs are a great option in this deluxe set. But they just pale in comparison to the snake tail. Plus the height of her hair and crown and the bulkiness of her cape make her legs seem disproportionally small.

Can we talk for a minute about her crotchpiece? This is the first female sculpt of the classic He-Man "furry loincloth with studded belt." I foresee this being re-used for characters like Battleground Teela, Sharella, or maybe even a new character like the fan-created gender-swapped He-Men that we often see.

Lady Slither comes with a new mini-comic that focuses on her character. Since so little is known about her and since this set sold out so quickly, I'm providing all the pages below. (It's only 3 pieces of paper - 6 pages - folded and stitched together). Enjoy.

Lady Slither also had some appearances in the MOTUC mini-comics from 10 years ago.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three Reptilian Origins ladies: Goddess, Lady Slither, and Snake Teela.


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