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Halo: The Spartan Collection Series 8 - Commander Agryna - Jazwares 2023

I don't know what it is about Halo that keeps drawing me in. I normally avoid video game properties, especially over-masculine militant games. But I think the fact that there are actually so many female characters thriving in this chaotic and unforgiving environment highlights the feminine/masculine contrast and makes them all the more appealing. Plus there is the toyetic quality when assembling all the small variations of armor that scratches some OCD collector's itch I've always had. Despite knowing next to nothing about the Halo property, collecting these toys gives me a similar joy to Power Rangers or team building in Marvel Legends. This figure of Commander Agryna is especially appealing to me because she is so new. She first appeared in late 2021 in Halo Infinite: Season One, and therefore has never been merchandized before. She also has unique colored armor (with a cool bumblebee insignia on her chest) and she is the first black female in any of the toylines (that I'm aware of). Let's check her out below!

My Agryna has a very droopy right eye. 
I need to check her out in the stores to see if they're all like this or if I just picked up an odd one.
The packaging shadowed half her face so I didn't realize the asymmetry until I unboxed her.

Agryna comes with two heads, seven hands, and two guns.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the ladies from the Jazwares Spartan Collection so far. From Left to Right: Spartan Palmer (S3 2021)Alice-130 (S7 2023)Commander Agryna (S8 2023), Linda-058 (S6 2022)Kelly-087 (S5 2022), and Kat-B320 (S1 2020).


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