Thursday, February 22, 2024

Halo - LINDA-058!

Halo: The Spartan Collection Series 6 - Linda-058 - Jazwares 2022

I'm finally playing catch-up and posting my backlog of Jazwares Halo figures (this is the last one). I first learned of Linda-058 when she got a figure in the first wave of the Mattel Halo line in 2016. My initial reaction wasn't a great one. I thought her helmet with the side-scopes and weird goggle-type apparatus looked goofy - like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. But I've grown to really appreciate her since. The copper visor and brown armor is now a really appealing color combination to me, and the name Linda always has a certain interesting duality. I was the kid who was buds with my gradeschool lunch ladies (Nancy and Linda). But in my college years I was in the punk scene and the song Linda Linda by The Blue Hearts was a favorite. Plus I'm currently obsessed with the teen girl punk group The Linda Lindas (currently touring with Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins). So "Linda" used to be an old lady name to me, but now it's kind of kickass. And Linda-058 benefits from that street cred. Let's check her out below!

Linda-058 comes with two guns and seven hands.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Jazwares Linda-058 with her 2016 Mattel figure.

Here are the ladies from the Jazwares Spartan Collection so far. From Left to Right: Spartan Palmer (S3 2021)Alice-130 (S7 2023)Commander Agryna (S8 2023)Linda-058 (S6 2022)Kelly-087 (S5 2022), and Kat-B320 (S1 2020).


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