Saturday, February 17, 2024

Nintendo - TOADETTE!

World of Nintendo - 4" Series Wave 36 - Toadette - Jakks Pacific 2024

I read recently that Jakks Pacific made a statement years ago that their intention was to release every Super Mario character in both their 2.5" and 4" scale lines. This thrills me. I can never decide which scale I like better with the Nintendo line, but currently the 2.5" line has significantly more female characters. Rosalina, Birdo, Princess Toadstool, Daisy, and until this release, Toadette, have been missing from the 4" line. The only 4" figure not in the 2.5" line so far is Cat Peach. (Note: Daisy will be in the next 4" wave supposedly. There are blurry pics). This is also amusing because Jakks does the exact opposite with the Sonic lines. The 4" Sonic line is robust with female characters, but the 2.5" is lacking. Toadette was created in 2003 to be a teammate for Toad in Mario Kart: Double Dash wherein every character has another rider teamed with them. Since those simple beginnings she has appeared in more than 40 games and has become quite the icon. Let's check out this 4" Toadette figure below!

Toadette has a ball-jointed neck, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, hinge wrists, swivel legs, and ball-jointed feet. Her ponytails are not articulated surprisingly. I yanked some of the pigtail joints apart and they are fit together with square pegs. This is surprising since the 2.5" version technically had articulated pigtails so I was expecting the same here.

Her below-the-waist articulation is really interesting. She has hinged leg/hip joints (which are just little nubs considering her stature). Then her feet are on ball-jointed posts. It's a pretty simple combination but allows for a lot of animated little poses.

Toadette's only accessory is a coin.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my three Toadettes together: Banpresto (2007), Jakks 2.5" (2022), and Jakks 4" (2024).

Here are the three 4" ladies from the Super Mario Jakks line: Wendy O Koopa, Toadette, and Princess Peach. (I always forget to include Cat Peach). Daisy is in the next wave. Jakks needs to catch up with their 2.5" roster.


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