Friday, March 8, 2024

Disney Power Icons - GHOST-SPIDER!

Marvel Power Icons (Talking Action Figures) - Ghost-Spider - Disney 2023

I've been waiting for a female character in the Marvel Power Icons since they first started showing up in Disney Stores years ago. I know Marvel is inundated with A-List male characters so I usually don't get my hopes up too high for a female character early in the line. But that patience paid off because Ghost-Spider was finally released this past Fall and she's pretty great. The Power Icons line features well-articulated figures in a 9-10" scale with electronic features. Ghost-Spider has light-up eyes and a talking feature. And while not officially branded for the Spider-Verse movies, Gwen comes with a small unarticulated animation-style Spider-Ham attached to her (removable) backpack. Since Disney Stores are few and far between these days, the ShopDisney webstore is your best bet to get her (currently clearanced). The line seems to have slowed down significantly, but I would hope to see a Black Widow and Captain Marvel before the end. Fingers Crossed! Let's check out Ghost-Spider below!

Ghost-Spider features 13 Points of Articulation.

The button on her abdomen is what triggers her light-up eyes and voice effects.
Although the switch on her lower back must be flipped on to turn the features on.

Gwen comes with Spider-Ham attached to her backpack as well as a clip-on web-shooting effect.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Power Icons Gwen alongside the nest two largest Gwens in my collection: Marvel Titan Hero Series and Marvel Select.


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