Monday, May 6, 2024

Marvel Legends 3.75" Retro - SPIDER-WOMAN!

Marvel Legends 3.75" Retro Series - Wave 8 - Spider-Woman - Hasbro 2023

I've been delaying making a post about this figure because I find it so depressing that this was the final release in the amazing Marvel Legends Retro line.  It was a short-lived line from 2021-2023 but managed to give up nine awesome female figures, all in a nostalgic "Secret-Wars-esque" style with costume and character choices specific to the late-70s-to-early-80s era. In my mind, Dazzler, She-Hulk, and Mystique would have been among the obvious next releases. But even if we would be destined to only get repaints, Julia Carpenter, White Elektra, and Mary Jane Watson (from Black Widow?) would have been welcome additions. I just saw so much potential in this line and was so sad to see it unceremoniously come to an early end (or "pause"). But luckily the final two figures, Firestar and this Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, were my most wanted figures, and they are pretty perfect. Few characters embody the Marvel gender revolution of this era like Spider-Woman. Let's check out Jessica below!

Spider-Woman has seven points of articulation: Swivel neck, Shoulders, Legs, and Forearms.
Her spider-web "cape" can also swivel from its connection peg.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Spider-woman with her 2011 Marvel Universe figure from Hasbro.

I didn't take a pic of Spider-Woman with the rest of the Retro line ladies, but I felt the need to show the last group photo again. From Left to Right:


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