Sunday, May 26, 2024

Marvel Legends - WOLFSBANE!

Marvel Legends - Zabu Build-a-Figure - Wolfsbane (X-Factor) - Hasbro 2024

For at least four years now, this X-Factor Wolfsbane has been a recurring figure on my annual pre-convention wishlist. Not so much because I love this version of the character or costume, but rather because I'm a sucker for team completion. (For the record, my other wishes are for an X-Factor Marvel Girl, Rachel Summers Phoenix, Marrina, and Feral - all are needed as the final members to complete their respective core teams). In 1991, the X-Factor roster was revamped for the first time in issue no. 71, ditching the original premise and lineup (which I had loved). Polaris and Wolfsbane are two of my favorite mutants so I was initially excited, but I can admit I didn't love the eventual re-characterization of these characters or the matching costumes. But there is still something very nostalgic and appealing about this era of Marvel Comics immediately preceding the Image exodus. Since 2020, Wolfsbane was the single glaring omission from this team in Marvel Legends. Let's check her out below!

I admit I was surprised to see her newly-sculpted fur-covered arms and legs. I thought for sure we would see the recently made subtly-animalistic Tigra sculpt enlisted for this figure, but I'm impressed at this original effort. I think it's a fair assumption we will see Feral and Hebzibah figures soon.

Wolfsbane's only accessories are two pairs of hands.

Wolfsbane also comes with the Torso piece for the Build-a-Figure Zabu (The Sabretooth Tiger that raised Ka-Zar in the Savage Land).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Wolfsbane with her 2019 Walgreens figure.

And here is Wolfsbane with the 2019 X-Factor Polaris.

And here is the whole X-Factor #71 team: Multiple Man (2019 Apocalypse Wave), Polaris (Polaris & Havok 2019 2-Pack), Havok (Polaris & Havok 2019 2-Pack), and Strong Guy (The Build-a-Figure from the 2020 X-Men/Deadpool series). Note: I couldn't find my Strong Guy anywhere. Somewhere I have a box full of my un-displayed Build-a-Figures - Man-Thing, Wendigo, SP//dr, etc - but it's MIA right now. I photoshopped Guido in from a googled image.


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