Monday, October 4, 2021

Marvel Legends Vintage - TIGRA!

Marvel Legends Vintage (Toy Biz) - Tigra (Greer Grant Nelson) - Hasbro 2021

This is proving to be an insane year for classic Marvel Legends figures. Several of my most-wanted figures have already been produced. Firestar, updated White Queen and She-Hulk, Silver-Age Jean Grey in her green costume (short legs and all), and of course Tigra have all entered my collection (as well as amazing modern characters like Ironheart and Captain Carter). This Tigra is surprisingly stunning. Her face sculpt and all the fur details on her body are terrific. The potential for the fur-textured limbs alone make me giddy with anticipation of who we will see next (Wolfsbane, Feral, and Hepzibah in 2022, please!) The only potential issue with this Tigra figure is that her coloring is super-saturated and bright. I wouldn't mind a redeco someday with lighter yellowy skin, dark orange stripes, and the classic voluminous black hairdo with pointy bangs. FYI There was a highly enjoyable Tigra: The Complete Collection TPB (2019) that collected 424 pages of her classic stories. Go read that then buy this toy!

I didn't take a pic of it, but her tail is just a peg that anchors in her lower back. It can be rotated or completely removed with ease.

Tigra comes with an alternate angry face and two fisted hands.

I'm not the biggest fan of the angry head. Something about it just doesn't look right to me. I also think it's odd that this head has stripes on her face, but the calm version doesn't.

I wanted to highlight all the newly tooled pieces with fur details. Her thigh pieces have sculpted fur just above the knees. The shoulders have a fur texture. She has clawed bare feet. And her forearms and elbows have the sculpted fur texture as well.

And here are a few of the characters that I hope we'll see thanks to these newly tooled pieces: 
Feral, Hebzibah, and Wolfsbane are all must-haves for me.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Tigra with her 2009 Marvel Legends figure.

And here she is with the 2015 Marvel Legends Hellcat figure. For those unaware, the Hellcat costume was first worn by Greer in 1972 (as "The Cat") before she took on her tiger-woman appearance in 1974. Then two years later in 1976 the original suit was resurrected and donned by 1940's romance comic star Patsy Walker as the new character, Hellcat.

And I had to compare her with the best felinoid female action figure out there, the DC Essentials Cheetah.

And here is my whole Tigra collection. I think the only things I am missing are the full-sized Bowen bust and the weird Toy Biz figure from the 90s Avenger cartoon.



  1. Love Tigra! Can't wait to add her to my Avengers shelf.

  2. I've been waiting for a new Tigra for years. Finally!

  3. WOW nice Tigra collection you have...I have the original figure so I'm passing on the new one since I think the orange is a bit too orangy.

  4. Just got my preorder in earlier this week had the same reaction concerning the bright coloration (at first wonder if an 'extra" feature is that it glows in the dark) and the alternate head looking a bit odd, not quite certain either why it looks off, as it looked fine in all the promo photos. I've kind of gotten used to the bright orange, it seems to work well with the more brightly colored skin tone of the re-released She-Hulk figure and What If Nebula, though I'd also like to see a future version with the Orange toned down a bit and looking more natural. I did get more than one, so might attempt a repaint myself at some point.
    Also thinking that with the new fur textured parts we'll soon see figures of Wolfsbane, Feral and possibly some version of Hebzibah, I'd like to see the classic look, I could see them using the Squirrel Girl tail and just giving it a repaint.

  5. One missing here is the Heroclix Infinity 047 version.