Monday, November 2, 2015

The Walking Dead's MICHONNE (Comic Style v2)!

The Walking Dead - Comic Series - Skybound Exc - McFarlane Toys 2015

I still haven't read any of the Walking Dead comics, but the show is absolutely one of my favorites.  Michonne seems to be a fan-favorite on both the AMC show and the Image comics.  This is the third unique action figure we've seen of this character (not including variants and figures re-released with new accessories). I don't really know much about the rest of the toy line, but I think Rick might be the only other character with that many toys. This new comic version is a great improvement over an already fantastic figure.  She looks much more like the comic art now, but in a realistic 3-dimensional way that lets her fit in nicely with the AMC versions. She's available at Skybound in a full color version as well as gray-scale with blood spatter. I feel like this figure wasn't heavily advertised. I stumbled across her when I accidentally clicked the Skybound bookmark I had made last winter when I was hunting Clementine.  I'm glad I did though because this figure is gorgeous.  Let's check her out below!

Michonne comes with her signature Katana blade and a handgun.

Here are a couple images of Michonne from the comic.

She can't hold the handgun well at all.  Her grip is too tight and her trigger finger is molded to her middle finger.  
Luckily it looks good in her holster.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2012 Comic version and the 2013 AMC version



  1. That jacket it looking a little bulky on her otherwise, it's a decent looking figure!

  2. There are four different Michonne figures over the two lines -- we're going to get a fifth with the Cop Michonne is series 9 due next year. I think you're right that she's the second character with the most figures after Rick.