Friday, March 4, 2016

Avengers Civil War (Miniature) BLACK WIDOW!

Captain America: Civil War - Hero Vs Hero MiniVerse - Target Exc - Hasbro 2015

I'm having an informal mini-figure review week. Not minifigures of the Lego and Minimate variety, but rather the recently-revived 2.5" scale that hearkens back to the days of Dino-Riders, M.A.S.K., Starcom, and Air Raiders.  Of all the scales out there, I think this one is the most nostalgic for me. These were the little guys I would smuggle into school and church in my breast pocket. These are the ones that I would discover abandoned in sandboxes and under the swings. They kind of faded away since the 80s, but have been making a decent comeback in the past 5 years. Of course the females characters are just as scarce as ever. Black Widow finally made it into the lineup in the recent Civil Wars lines. I'm hoping the momentum carries and we get similar lines for the future Marvel movies. I would love to see Sif, Captain Marvel, and all the X-ladies. The fact that Hasbro finally branded this line the "Miniverse" gives me hope that that we'll see more. Let's check out Black Widow below!

Although this Hero vs Hero Faceoff set is exclusive to Target, Black Widow will also be available in a two-pack with Iron Man that I believe will available at most retailers.

Five points of articulation and a foot hole (although she comes with no stand).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other in-scale mini Marvel lady, Scarlet Witch.

And here with the unfortunately smaller Gamora.  I hope we get other figure of her in an adjusted scale with the next Guardians movie.



  1. If only they had knees like the M.A.S.K and Dinoriders of old. Or better yet, the Movie Transformers Human Alliance figures. Alas.

    Still for the size they are they're pretty well sculpted.

    1. I need to get those Human Alliance figures. I saw Mikaela and Arcee second-hand collectible shop near me a couple weeks ago, but they were unpriced and I just wasn't in the mood to ask. The only problem with the added articulation is that they quickly start to look unproportionately bulky. Hopefully someday they'll be able to engineer a little knee that isn't larger than the character's head.

  2. I'm not opposed to these kind of figures in principle -- they're meant to be kids toys that can get thrashed about after all -- but I'd like to see a new toy line launched in this kind of scale. Rumours still abound that MASK is making a comeback, but we'll have to wait and see.

    1. A MASK resurgence would be so interesting. I'm sure it will happen eventually because the concept is kind of timeless. Did you ever see the Battle Force 5 line? It had a very similar feel to Mask.