Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Robots in Disguise Legion Class WINDBLADE!

Transformers Robots in Disguise - Legion Class Windblade - Hasbro 2016

Just when I thought my tiny Transformers collection was complete, they had to go and introduce Windblade into the current season of the Robots in Disguise cartoon. This Legion Class figure is the second of three figures representing this character's role in the show. The first was the Tiny Titans figure reviewed last week, and the third will be a Animated Deluxe Class figure due out later this year. That is a lot of traction for a character who first appeared less than two years ago. I guess Hasbro figures since she was designed and voted-on by fans than she's unlikely to be a shelfwarmer. And from what I've seen so far that is very true. She is very hard to come by in stores. I heard rumors that Season 2 would be the final season of Robots in Disguise, but I can't seem to confirm that anywhere. What ever the next iteration of Transformers may be, I hope Hasbro continues with this scale.  I think it's a lot of fun and they hardly take up any space on my shelf. Here's hoping for many more tiny fembots!

This is a great little figure.  My only complaint is that her face seems like it is missing some paint aps. I've seen three of her in stores and they all looked identical; barely-there eyes and smudge of a nose.

Finally a Transformer I can transform!  No swiped vehicle-mode solicit pics this time!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her Tiny Titans and Generations Deluxe Class figures.

And with a bunch of other Legion Class ladies.  From Left to Right: Flamewar, Airachnid, Windblade, Arcee, and Strongarm.



  1. Got to love the Legion class ladies.

    You should try the 3rd party unofficial Iron Factory IF-EX05 Iron Giant's Maiden.

    1. I actually technically own that figure, but she's being stashed in a "pile of loot" with the three Takara Fembots from this past fall. I keep forgetting to have them shipped! Also, although she's not a Legion class figure per say, I love that Windshear from the Mini-Con set fits in perfectly with this scale. I reviewed her last year::

    2. That Windsheer is a wonderful little helicopter-former, my fav out of that trio.

      I'm hoping Iron Factory does a retool of that Giant's Maiden into a not-Slipstream.

    3. Slipstream would be awesome. Can't wait to get my Generations version.

      I was just looking through your blog and saw the Windsheer post from a few years back. I guess I should've seen that before my last message haha :)