Friday, May 27, 2016

Multiverse Arkham City CATWOMAN!

DC Comics Multiverse - Arkham City Catwoman - Walgreens Exc - Mattel 2015

I usually have excellent luck with finding exclusives in the stores. (Excluding the TRU Storm and Jubilee from last year). This Catwoman, however, eluded me for the last 10 months until I finally caved and ordered her on eBay. She was originally announced as a "Date Night" 4-Pack with Harley, Joker, Batman, and Catwoman (Catwoman being the only original figure from the set). But then the 3.75" Multiverse line kind of petered out and the set seemed to be cancelled. Then at SDCC last year they mentioned that Catwoman would be a single-carded Walgreens Exclusive. I was excited because I have about 8 good Walgreens stores in my area and I've had success getting all their exclusives in the past. But this lady has been a complete no-show. At least the secondary market prices aren't at the extortion-levels you often see. I got her for about $15 shipped. She's a suprizingly cool figure. I would even say she is the best female in this line. It's a shame she didn't see wider distribution. Let's check her out in detail below!

Catwoman comes with her signature whip (as well as a super-handy figure stand).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other Multiverse Selina: Batman Returns Catwoman.

And with the Multiverse Arkham Knight Harley Quinn (with some additional eye-shadowing added by yours truly).

From Left to Right: DC Direct Arkham City Catwoman, Funko Mystery Minis Arkham Catwoman, Mattel Arkham City Catwoman, Multiverse Arkham City Catwoman, Play Arts Kai Arkham City Catwoman, and DC Collectibles Arkham Knight Catwoman.



  1. I never found this one or the Pfeiffer one either!

    1. It's funny, two days after I posted this I saw her in Walgreens. It always happens that way. The pfeiffer version was in TRUs back in 2014. She was frustrating because her paint was so sloppy. I skipped her a bunch of times becfore i got mine (and she still needed a touchup).